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The two easiest upsells in water solutions

Upselling homeowners on a different product or a more advanced solution is both an art and a science. You must be able to appeal to them both rationally and on a more subjective level, when explaining benefits such as the added comfort, convenience or peace of mind a solution can deliver. Each upsell opportunity is unique because there could be many factors at play – from the urgency of their situation to their lifestyle demands, and the limitations of their current solution. And let’s not forget their budget. But the smartest and most satisfying upsells share some common features.


The characteristics of an upsell done right.

As a professional, you know how to strike the right balance in meeting your customer’s needs along with your business’ demands. You’re a solver, not just a seller. That’s how you built your reputation, right? The same principle applies to any upsell opportunities that come your way. Here are some of the key characteristics of a good upsell:

  • A win-win: The solution you’re recommending should deliver true, added value to the homeowner while, yes, also adding to your bottom line. Most customers will be willing to pay a little more if they know they’ll get more out of the solution. Mention any test results or case studies to help make your argument. If they feel you’re just pushing a higher-priced product, they’ll shut you down. Probably for good.
  • Beyond functionality: Sure, the solution should offer features they don’t currently take advantage of but also, if possible, benefits that extend beyond mere physical performance. Highlight advantages such as greater homeowner control, customizable comfort, or enhanced security and peace of mind.
  • Readily relatable: The solution should be easy to understand and intuitive to operate right from the start. If homeowners are confused or hesitant, they likely won’t use it right, which could lead to equipment damage and costly callbacks for you.


Every great upsell starts with a great question.

One successful contractor talks about how important it is to ask homeowners questions, to help get to the root of issues and uncover the true “pain” they’re experiencing. A good starter question might be, “When it comes to comfort and performance, what don’t you like about the water in your home?” It’s a great way to establish trust and let them know that you care about their situation, whether you’re making an initial call or identifying an upselling opportunity. By getting them talking, you help them feel in control and virtually lead themselves into a better solution.


Two simple water solution upsells from Honeywell Home.

Upsells come in all shapes and sizes – from extensive (and expensive) hydronic systems that can dominate utility rooms to smaller, user-friendly controls that provide more intuitive operation. Let’s start simple. Here are two common-sense Honeywell water solutions that provide added performance and value at a reasonable price:

  • T6 Pro Hydronic Thermostat: Today’s homeowners want more customization in their home comfort. This device can be used to manage ambient air temperature (A) or floor temperature (F), or both (AF) – for ultimate control. It’s a user-friendly T Series thermostat that makes a smart upgrade from hydronic thermostats without slab sensing.
  • Water Leak Alert: With the average water leak potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage, this is a subject sure to get the homeowner’s attention. The non-connected Honeywell Water Leak Alert delivers audible alerts at the first sign of water, or you can offer the Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector that sends alerts right to the homeowner’s smart phone. Each product makes an affordable add-on to any installation – for water heaters, sump pumps, washers, or anywhere water can overflow. Best of all, they’ll deliver peace of mind and security that your customer will appreciate.


The T6 Pro Hydronic Thermostat and Water Leak Alert devices are just two of the newer offerings from the vast Honeywell portfolio of Water Solutions. Be sure to check out our new Undersink Mixing Valve, too, and stay up to date with the latest news on the Honeywell Pro Facebook page.