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Be a hot water hero: Use mixing valves to maximize tank efficiencies


Some homeowners never seem to have enough hot water for all the things they need to do in a day. It’s especially problematic during hectic mornings and evenings, when families could be running back-to-back showers, the dishwasher, clothes washer and more, all in a condensed time frame. In addition to being downright irritating (who hasn’t had a soothing shower suddenly cut short by icy water?), it can be wasteful because homeowners may have to rewash dishes or clothes to get them truly clean, which uses even more water and energy.


Mixing valves make more possible

The next time you come across a homeowner frustrated by an unreliable hot water supply, you could recommend a Honeywell Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Designed to reduce the chance of scalding and ensure comfortable water temperatures, these versatile valves can help your customers get more of the hot water they want.

By installing a mixing valve and slightly increasing the target temperature on the hot water heater, you can increase the capacity of a tank – in some cases by up to 50%. With your help, homeowners can finally get the additional hot water they need to get through the day with the comfort and convenience they deserve. And you can be the hero that made it happen.


ASSE 1070 and 1017 certified

Honeywell Thermostatic Mixing Valves can deliver other benefits, too. For example, the elevated temperatures in the tank can help prevent growth of the dangerous legionella bacteria, offering peace of mind for homeowners. And, in addition to featuring streamlined installation and set-up, most of our valves are ASSE 1070 and 1017 certified so you can be confident that you’re code-compliant across virtually any application.


New UMV500 Undersink Mixing Valve leads the way

Ideal for residential or commercial applications, the new Honeywell UMV500 Undersink Mixing Valve offers both 3-port and 4-port configurations, so you can tackle more installations while carrying fewer products on your truck. It also has clever features such as a cap design that indicates the direction for setting warm or cold water and integrated check valves in hot and cold inlets, to save valuable installation time.


Check out all of our versatile Mixing Valves, and discover how our newest Honeywell Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions can help you meet more customer needs.

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