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The triple-protection plumbing solution every new-construction install needs



Whether found in nature or plumbed into our homes, water is a powerful force that needs to be harnessed effectively to optimize its benefits. As you know, maintaining the right water pressure (50-80 psi) can have a significant impact on the performance of piping and appliances, as well as a homeowner’s quality of life. By adding pressure regulating valves (PRVs) to your next new-home install, along with a PRV jumper kit, you can protect critical assets and critical relationships. Here’s how.


Easy does it: PRVs step down the water pressure

Already required by code for new construction in many parts of the country, pressure regulating valves are also considered a best-practice solution by plumbers who take pride in adding value for builders and homeowners. PRVs help regulate water pressure levels for a consistent, moderate flow that’s more pleasant for home occupants and easier on the home’s plumbing infrastructure.


Protection all around

Every plumbing professional has heard complaints about water pressure being too low. But water pressure that’s too high can have negative consequences as well. Honeywell PRVs can help you calibrate and optimize water pressure to protect the three entities that matter most:

  • Homeowners get protection from stinging water sprays in showers, worn-out faucet gaskets, wasteful drips, and costly appliance breakdowns
  • Builders can avoid damaged piping, unexpected replacement costs and the prospect of upset clients
  • You and your business are shielded from potential costly callbacks and conflicts with builders


Honeywell DS06 Pressure Regulating Valves are also low-lead certified and feature a filter that adds another layer of protection against harmful sediment build-up. Plus, built-in dials make one-person installation a snap – with no need for pressure gauges.


Outsmart thieves by installing a PRV Jumper Kit

The theft of copper piping, metal plumbing equipment and other tools and materials from job sites has grown 10% every year for the last 20+ years.

Today, it costs the construction industry $1 billion annually.* Don’t add to that statistic – guard against the theft of bronze-forged Honeywell PRVs with a Honeywell DS06 Jumper Kit. It’s a simple PRV placeholder made of PVC pipe and union nuts that allows you to fully test the plumbing and flush the system while also filtering out sediments – all before final valve installation, when the home’s assets are secured.

In addition to protecting your inventory and budget, the Jumper Kit helps you avoid expensive rework and keeps your project on schedule. So it’s a win for builders, homeowners and your bottom line.


Learn more about the added protection of our innovative PRV Valves and Jumper Kit and discover how our other Honeywell Hydronic and Potable Water Solutions can help you meet more customer needs.


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