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T6 Pro Smart

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integrates with Honeywell Home App


Simple Installation

Uses the same UWP mounting system as all T Series thermostats, helping your installers complete the job more quickly and efficiently.


Easy Setup Options

Your installers can choose to do setup and scheduling at the wall like a traditional thermostat, or they can handle it with the easy-to-use Honeywell Home app.

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Simple Wi-Fi Connectivity

So easy, you can even send customers an email that invites them to complete the connection themselves.


Anytime, Anywhere

Control from anywhere by smartphone or tablet to maximize energy savings and home comfort.

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Location-Based Temperature Control

Uses your customer’s smartphone location to adjust the settings to save energy when they’re away and help make them comfortable upon arrival.

ecosystem integration

Ecosystem Integration

Works with Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Alexa® for customers who want to control their smart home devices from a single app.

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Optional Ventilation Control

For residential new construction projects that need to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 standard (applicable on TH6320WF2003).


Optional Wired Indoor/Outdoor Sensors

For additional temperature control and an at-a-glance look at weather conditions.

T6 Pro Smart on wall

Product Description

The T6 Pro Smart thermostat fits connected home experience needs to a T. The streamlined installation and simplified setup right at the thermostat or through the Honeywell Home app makes life easy for your techs, and the seamless integration with Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Alexa® makes the connected home experience even greater for homeowners.

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Homekit

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