Glowfly Universal Hot Surface Igniter
  • The Toughest Technology - The second generation material, Silicon Nitrade, is far more durable making it less prone to breakage when used in challenging installs.
  • Easier Fit, Faster Job - Glowfly has specifically been designed for service replacement jobs. Its optimized form factor enables quicker, easier service calls.
  • Next-Generation OEM Quality - Glowfly brings the latest technology and OEM quality to even the oldest furnaces.
  • Custom Designed Bracketing - With six custom designed brackets and their seven configurations, Glowfly fits most replacement igniter applications.
  • Match and Mount Simplicity - Simply remove the old igniter and compare it with the diagrams on Glowfly's unique packaging guide to determine the correct mounting bracket for the job.
  • Convenient Packaging Options - Glowfly is available as single units and in six-packs, so you will never be caught unprepared.
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