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TrueBREEZE, Balanced Ventilation, ERV, HRV, Whole-House, VNT5150H1000, VNT5150e1000, VNT5150H,VNT5150, VNT5150e, VNT5200H1000, VNT5200, HVNT5200E1000, VNT5200E, VNT5200
TrueFRESH™ Balanced Ventilation Systems
Both a breeze to install and a breeze to balance, Honeywell's Balanced Ventilation Systems greatly simplify ventilation. They eliminate the need for overhead ducting and balance without adjusting dampers. It all adds up to a shortened installation process that helps you make more profit per job. Available in Heat Recovery Ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation models.
  • Removable duct collars — easy connection without overhead ducting
  • Adjustable hanging straps — easy to raise, lower and level the unit into place
  • Streamlined, lightweight design — easy to lift, hang and fit in more applications
  • Balances without adjusting dampers — simplified balancing
  • Meets ASHRAE 62.2 standards
  • Centralized wiring and speed control
  • Customized product labels
  • 5-Year Warranty
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