REdLINK Wireless Accessories
RedLINK™ Wireless Comfort Systems
Honeywell’s exclusive RedLINK Wireless Technology – and our full-suite of wireless-enabled comfort systems – help you better meet your customer’s comfort needs and connect you to expanded business opportunities. Accessory add-ons offer comfort, convenience and connection your customers are willing to pay for. And the ease of wireless installation means no added labor costs and optimized profitability for you.

Equipment Remote Module
Equipment Remote Module
Easy Installation. Reliable Service.
  • Uses reliable RedLINK™ technology to let control devices communicate wirelessly with outdoor two-stage compressors, heat pumps or an indoor boiler
  • Simple user interface and setup
  • Save installation time by connecting a condensing unit or boiler to control devices — without wires.
  • Temperature sensor terminals for outdoor temperature sensing and indoor freeze protection
  • LEDs for fast, easy equipment checks
  • Up to two ERMs can be enrolled in a system, and the powerful wireless range ensures reliable operation in nearly any application

RedLINK Internet Gateway
and Total Connect Comfort Service
Total Connect
Stay Connected From Anywhere
  • View/change system settings and access multiple systems/zones
  • Provides over 90 alerts

Entry/Exit Remote
Entry Remote
One-touch remote thermostat control.
  • Works with Prestige® IAQ, and VisionPRO® thermostats.
  • Easily setback and recover thermostat control from anywhere in the home or building
  • Ideal for managing your comfort and energy consumption especially with inconsistent schedules
  • Interchangeable commercial / residential cover plates included
  • One (1) Entry/Exit Remote can control up to sixteen (16) Prestige 2.0 thermostats
  • Each Prestige 2.0 thermostat can be linked to up to three (3) Entry/Exit Remotes

Vent and Filter Boost Remote
Vent and Filter Boost Remote
Wireless on demand air ventilation and filtration.
  • Works with Prestige IAQ®, and VisionPRO® thermostats.
  • Locate wireless boost remotes anywhere in the home where added ventilation is needed such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements or laundry rooms
  • One-touch 20-40-60 minute ventilation and filtration boosts
  • Up to six (6) Vent and Filter Boost Remotes can be connected to each RedLINK system
  • Use as a clean air filter boost with or without a ventilator

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Wireless Indoor Air Sensor
Wireless Indoor Sensor
Connect to more sales with accessories.
  • Averages temperature for more even comfort control
  • Humidifies and dehumidifies separate spaces
  • Use up to six sensors per application

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Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor
Wireless Outdoor Sensor
No risk. No wires.
  • Displays outdoor temperature and humidity on Prestige® IAQ, Wireless FocusPRO® thermostats and the Portable Comfort Control.
  • Installs wirelessly with two simple screws and a touch of a button
  • Works with all RedLINK devices
  • Weather-resistant cover and lithium batteries for reliable performance in every climate
  • Up to a 5 year battery life

Portable Comfort Control
Portable Comfort Control
Realize the possibilities.
  • Conveniently control temperature from any room
  • RedLINK-enabled to work with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor
  • Displays outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Works with all RedLINK devices
  • With zoning - change the temperature in any zone from one device
  • Can be paged with an audible noise from any RedLINK-enabled thermostat

Wireless Adapter
Wireless Adapter
Add Honeywell Steam Humidifier and TrueZONE without running wires.
  • No more running wires in the living space
  • Add wireless zoning with RedLINK™-enabled TrueZONE®
  • Add wireless humidity control with RedLINK-enabled Honeywell Steam Humidifier
  • Offer zoning and humidity control in more homes than ever before
  • Reduce your bidding risk by eliminating wiring time and hassles
  • Increase sales opportunities, such as adding a wireless Portable Comfort Control
  • Allows all wireless indoor and outdoor sensors to communicate, improving efficiency and letting you easily provide customers with humidity readings on their Prestige® IAQ, and VisionPRO® thermostats.
  • Get more sales opportunities while reducing installation and setup time

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