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Heard the Buzz? SkyBell Helps Solve Concerns for Your Customers

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The Doorbell: Then and Now

The ring of a doorbell. For previous generations, this was a welcome sound, notifying homeowners that someone had come to call. Unexpected guests were welcomed with a smile, and often invited in for food, refreshments or just to visit.

Today, it’s a different story. The doorbell is an interruption, and an unexpected ring can send homeowners scattering. “Shhhh…hide! We don’t want them to know we’re home.” However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Doorbells are now being made for the way we live, and the SkyBell video doorbell is a prime example.

The Many Faces of SkyBell Video Doorbell Users

Since the introduction of SkyBell in our offerings, many security dealers have contacted us about the unique ways their customers are using the technology. Here are some creative ways to qualify customers for a video doorbell camera solution. And, ask the probing questions that help them realize how SkyBell can improve their lives.

o New Mom or Dad: Has the baby ever been sleeping and your doorbell rang and woke them? Wish you could turn the sound off temporarily and still know if someone was at the door? SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect are for you.

o Shopaholic: Have the executives for online shopping site friended you on social media because of your buying habits? Are you constantly looking outside for that next package, or worse… wondering all day at work if it arrived? SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect are for you.

o World Traveler: Do you travel frequently for pleasure or work? Do you wonder if anyone has stopped by your home while you’re away? SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect are for you.

o Lazy Bones: Never want to get up from that comfy easy chair to answer the door? Now you can shoo solicitors without ever leaving that chair. SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect are for you.

o Movie Buff: Don’t want to press pause on your movie night unless it’s the pizza delivery guy at the door? SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect are for you.

SkyBell and Honeywell Total Connect

Honeywell Total Connect users can enjoy convenient, single-app functionality right within the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app for full SkyBell compatibility. Users can speak to visitors at the door directly through the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app without the need to download the SkyBell HD app. Plus, they can arm/disarm, lock/unlock all from one screen, and they can also access all SkyBell activity in the events log.

The SkyBell video doorbell now also comes in a new, rectangular model. Sometimes, the doorbell mounting area is positioned very closely to the molding around the door, making it difficult to install the original round version. This new smaller, more compact version, the SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM, offers an option to homes with slimmer door frames. It can be installed on any home that has existing doorbell wiring and is available in silver (DBCAM-TRIM) and bronze (DBCAM-TRIMBR).

Are you interested in sharing this product with your customers? Share this video on your website and social sites to help them understand how SkyBell works with the Honeywell Total Connect app. In the video, you’ll see a Honeywell Total Connect iOS user seeing, hearing and speaking to the child at the door, with full-screen video viewing. The video shows how simple it is to arm/disarm and lock/unlock the premises, all through one screen.

For more end user materials, check out our Honeywell Total Connect Toolkit for more resources. If you have any comments or questions, please email [email protected]

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