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How Can Honeywell Total Connect VISTA Partitions Support Help Your Customers?

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With Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 VISTA Partitions Support, users may now remotely control security for up to eight VISTA partitions from a PC or mobile device. This adds an important capability for Honeywell Total Connect end users with VISTA security control panels, an industry mainstay with a massive installed base.

Alexandra Curtiss, Vice President at Alarm New England, is excited about this new feature and believes that partitions are very important for her business. “We have a large customer base on the VISTA platform with partitions, and they want remote access just as much as our all-in-one panel customers. It is imperative that we are able to upgrade our base to a smart infrastructure if we want to stay relevant in our new competitive landscape,” she explains.

What Can Users Do with Remote Control of Partitions?

Honeywell Total Connect VISTA partitions support can be used to remotely arm, disarm, bypass sensors, or set up, edit and assign users and user codes for selective control. It also provides event notifications for partitions, a remote disarm feature allowing you to restrict users from disarming a partition and the ability to view fire status (no control). With global remote control, a user can also arm or disarm all partitions at the same time from an iOS or Android device, or directly through the website.

Who Can Use Remote Partitions?

Small businesses are one of the primary use cases for partitions. Owners can selectively control employee and customer access to individual spaces, and they can also get instant status and remote control of their partitioned spaces through Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

For example, if an employer doesn’t want some of his employees having access to risky or high-profile areas, he can allow specific users to only arm a select area, but not disarm it. This enhanced remote control of partition security provides the business and employees with a higher level of protection.

But Honeywell Total Connect VISTA partitions support isn’t limited to commercial applications. Curtiss believes Alarm New England’s small business customers and very high-end residential customers will appreciate the feature the most. She recently had a high-end residential customer in Providence, RI who wanted Alarm New England to set up a partition for his in-law apartment. He wanted to maintain ultimate control over that partition in case his elderly in-laws generated false alarms or needed help. The new Honeywell Total Connect VISTA partition capability provides added peace of mind for this customer and he can control it all through the Honeywell Total Connect app, whenever and wherever he wants.

How Can You Introduce Remote Control of Partitions to Your Market?

To help you communicate the benefits of partitions, we’ve created new end user and dealer materials. Whether on a call or before an appointment, you can share our end user brochure with customers. We’ve also created a short end user video that you can showcase on your website or social channels.

In addition, there are four new technical, how-to videos that walk you through all the steps in the Honeywell Total Connect YouTube playlist.

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