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How Can You Ensure that Every Security Installation Follows Company Standards?

Written by shift-admin

Have you ever wanted a way to make sure that your technicians are completing each job to a certain company standard. The AlarmNet 360 team has created a new feature called AlarmNet 360 Checklist that can help. It is a customizable set of rules that can be checked against an installation to quickly uncover any deviations, helping to eliminate guesswork and resulting headaches.

In the past, in order to have visibility into deviations from installation standards, you would have had to do a manual comparison of an individual account against Programming Templates. Checklist solves this problem. Now, you can set up a Checklist once and use it for future installs. This helps to ensure that the installation complies with the rules you set through AlarmNet 360 while the techs are still onsite. This can save you time spent on customer service, troubleshooting and revisiting install sites.

How does AlarmNet 360 Checklist work?

Checklist helps you easily and quickly evaluate installation quality to improve operations. Examples of items you could add to your Checklist include:

  • Installer code should not be 4321
  • Cellular communicator strength should be greater than “Good”
  • Sensors should not be programmed using Loop 4

AlarmNet 360 does most of the evaluation work for you — by measuring each rule against the installation. You will be provided with the total number of rules that failed along with a list of Rules, Descriptions, and Evaluation Results (Pass/Fail). It’s that simple.

Who can use AlarmNet 360 Checklist?

Our Checklist feature is available for accounts programmed with a Lyric Controller, Lyric Gateway and LYNX Touch 5200, 5210 and 7000 Series Home and Business Control Systems.

Why you should use AlarmNet 360 Checklist?

Checklist brings you peace of mind, giving you confidence that every install is being done correctly. This not only saves your company time and money, but also improves customer experience leading to higher retention and positive recommendations.

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