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The LTE Opportunity

Written by Angela Remmert

Upgrading radio communicators is never a fun task. But what if it was profitable? The sunsets of the 3G technology cellular networks is a perfect time to assess how you could improve your customer’s experience and the overall value of their existing system. You can solidify the relationship, while generating new RMR. It’s as simple as discussing the additional services your organization already provides. To help with this process, we’ve created an update LTE rebate program that lets you swap your installed base of 3G radios to the new platform of LTE communicators and receive a $20 ADI credit. To find out more about the program, click here.

Let’s look at the benefits that you can add for your customers when you make these calls:

Increase Engagement, Comfort and Convenience
A customer with more reasons to engage with their system is a stickier customer. Consider an existing security system that is currently limited to control at the keypad – why not propose they add Resideo Total Connect Remote Services for remote control? Your customer may also welcome freshening up their existing system by replacing their traditional keypads with modern, graphic touchscreens. A new touchscreen interface will make their system more intuitive and add a more contemporary feel to their home.

While you’re upgrading, why not transform your customer’s existing security system into a full-blown smart home system? Many of your customers are seeing smart home technology on TV or hearing about it from friends. A fully integrated system with smart locks, lights, thermostats may very well catch their attention. You can explain to your customer how you can put all the pieces together to deliver a powerful smart home experience.

Deliver a Fully Integrated Video Solution
If you’re not asking your customers about installing cameras in their home, they are probably already thinking about it. Many will likely be interested in adding cameras, whether it’s to look in on their home or check in on their pets. Any working parent would be comforted by a video notification that their kids have returned safety from school. They may also want a video doorbell to notify them when they have a visitor or delivery. An isolated camera, when added separate from the security system, loses much of the convenience and capabilities possible with a fully integrated system.

Add Flood and Environmental Protection
Leaks and floods can cause very serious damage. In fact, non-weather related water damage is one of the most common causes of property damage and insurance claims. Your customers may not realize that flood/leak detectors integrated with their security system can watch for potential sources of trouble with hot water heaters, appliances and frozen pipes. This can provide early warning of a problem and help prevent costly damages.

Provide Asset Protection
Your customers already count on a security system and professional monitoring to keep their family and property safe, but they may have situations where installing extra protection would be very welcome. Your customer may want to be notified if a gun or liquor cabinet is opened, or when valuables are moved. Wireless theft prevention sensors can be added to their system and affixed to objects like a safe, antiques or artwork.

Extend Life Safety Protection
The most critical function a security system provides is life safety. When combined with professional monitoring, it can get them an emergency response when they need it most. While you are upgrading radios, it’s a good time to make sure your customer has critical life safety detection. This could mean replacing existing smoke detectors with newer technologies or installing additional detectors for extensive coverage. Your customer may also want to add monitored carbon monoxide (CO) detection.

There is a bright side to getting out and doing these LTE upgrades. It’s an opportunity to positively touch existing customers, reduce attrition and generate additional sales and RMR.

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