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The Role of the Pro in the Smart Home Era

Written by shift-admin

Smart home technology is becoming synonymous with security and convenience, and pros have an important role to play in this thriving new industry.

Smart Home Integration

Smart home devices abound. But to start getting real value out of a smart home, all of those devices need to work together.

Many consumers don’t have the appetite to research and figure out which ones will play nicely together. And even then, not everybody wants to configure and install those devices themselves. As the complexity of the smart device market increases, there will be a strong need for experts that can provide smart home services and support.

Value-added Smart Home Services

Smart home devices generate lots of data. And as smart home technology evolves, consumers will expect more and more value out of the data their devices generate. Pros that can give customers insight into how they can use their smart homes more effectively could have a leg up on the competition.

For example, providing consumers with insight into how they could optimize lighting and thermostat usage while the security systems are armed could help them reduce monthly energy bills. Many consumers might be willing to pay for consultative services that help them get the most out of their smart home technology.

Smart Homes and First Responders

DIY solutions work for awareness, but they fall short when it comes to connecting with first responders. What happens when there is a burglary or a fire? Only a pro can provide the connection between smart homes and first responders, so that police and fire are notified if an emergency arises.

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