Introducing the Honeywell T SERIES

Designed to fit your business to a T

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One wall mount for every T Series thermostat

Wall mount

The T Series features a new UWP mounting system that helps you simplify your training program, install process and truck stock. Install one and you can install them all.

  • Install the C-wire to make future upgrades a snap
  • Hinged door helps stop wall draft
  • Push terminals eliminate the need for tools
Wall mount
connected by Honeywell Home App | Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity without the complexity

The new T6 Pro Smart Thermostat is easy to use, easy to love, and easy for your techs to install and set up. As more customers ask for and adopt home automation technologies, the T6 Pro Smart Thermostat enables you to offer a simple solution that's connected-home-ready.

  • Easy setup

    Complete installer setup (ISU) on the thermostat or using the Honeywell Home app

  • Simple homeowner hand-off

    Send customers a personalized email asking them to complete the Wi-Fi connection process on their own

  • Flexible control

    Homeowners can program a schedule or choose location-based control using geofence technology

  • Ecosystem integration

    The T6 Pro Smart Thermostat seamlessly integrates with a growing number of connected home partners, including Apple® HomeKit™ and Amazon Alexa®

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Outfit your thermostat with the best.

  • Wallcover

    Thermostat Decorative Cover Plate

    Part Number: THP2400A1068

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